Entrepreneurship -  Because I just can't help myself...

Entrepreneurship is my jam!

Some little girls grow up waiting for prince charming to bring her a slipper.  And then there are those of us who want to know how the whole, damn, slipper factory is run. I dipped my toe in the exciting world of entrepreneurship a decade ago and have not looked back.  

I view the universe as a pile of lego blocks ready to be assembled, and so I am the adult "big little kid" blissfully doing just that.     Check out my latest charitable passion project  --->  ShopfEROSh.com


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There is more to come....

Launching Soon - Style Me fEROSh

This project will be the next phase of fEROSh.  But as to what this project will bet, lips are sealed.  Stay in the know by subscribing to shopferosh updates or following us on Instagram.

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 Is business just an excuse to design killer ads?   Perhaps.