Entrepreneurship -  Because I just can't help myself...

Entrepreneurship is my jam!

Some little girls grow up waiting for prince charming to bring her a slipper.  And then there are those of us who want to know how the whole, damn, slipper factory is run. I dipped my toe in the exciting world of entrepreneurship a decade ago and have not looked back.  

I view the universe as a pile of lego blocks ready to be assembled, and so I am the adult "big little kid" blissfully doing just that.    Back in 2008 I launched my first company Unique Media - an ad firm.  I then expanded to coffee/restaurant distribution, and POS supplies.   I am now a supplier for Amazon.com importing from China.  

And after 5 years of managing my latest charitable passion project  ---> ShopfEROSh.com,  life has become too busy (in all the best ways), so we are now moving to the Poshmark platform scaling down - offering a deep discount on beautiful name-brand and designer clothing, while I focus on my new pursuits - Ferosh Life Press (officially launching when the world opens up post-covid), and my music education / career.   

Stay tuned!  There's more to come. 🙂



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 Is business just an excuse to design killer ads?   Perhaps.